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Ways to Serve

First Impressions

We meet at 8:30am on Sundays to open doors, tidy up spaces, turn on lights and pray over the church for hearts to be awakened this day.

Contact Angie Ball angie@monroefirstchurch.com



It's always good for us to keep a wonderful rotation of vetted adults and parents willing to serve for 1 or 2 Sunday mornings.

Contact Beth McIntosh beth@monroefirstchurch.com


Tech Support

Seeking friendly, quick learners to operate Sunday morning tech. Pro Presenter, camera operation, sound board, lighting & recording.

Contact Mick Salyer micksalyer@hotmail.com


Widows Might & G.E.M.S.

Our incredible men and women join together as a network of unity, support and energy.

Contact Carianne Jones carianne@monroefirstchurch.com


Kids Ministry

Small group leaders who walk through a 15 minute conversation regarding the daily lesson are always needed! An easy way to connect with the children in our ministry that requires a kind heart.

Contact Lora Barnes lora@monroefirstchurch.com


Visitations Team

Go where others are. Visit those who cannot make it to services on Sunday.

Contact Rick Duff rick@monroefirstchurch.com


Youth Worship Team

Our youth are involved in worship music! They meet at 9:30 upstairs in the Youth Room weekly for practice and then lead the 11:00 youth worship service.

Contact Tammy Trenaman tammy@monroefirstchurch.com 

Find out more ways to serve...

Contact Rick Duff rick@monroefirstchurch.com