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Prayer Requests

How can we pray for you?

Please submit prayer requests to info@monroefirstchurch.com 


Worship & Prayer Gathering

2nd Sunday night of each month @ 6:00 pm

  • Bring your pray concerns.
  • Come and be anointed.
  • Over the upcoming 12 months every family/individual in our church will have the opportunity to come and be prayed over asking for God’s blessing and protection.
  • Organized seasons of prayer and fasting.
  • Opportunities to hear prayer praises.
  • Receive a list of current prayer concerns.
  • Develop a culture/community of a prayerful lifestyle.

Order of Service:

  • Welcome and Worship
  • Brief Devotional
  • Season of Prayer
  • Communion

Contact Mick Salyer for more information

Prayer Cards

Become a prayer partner for the families of our Early E.D.G.E. Learning Center

Contact Rick Duff at rick@monroefirstchurch.com

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